At an early age I had a very clear understanding that circumstances in life could--and would--change instantly. It was the lens by which I experienced everything. Shaped by death, a permanent leaving, I became obsessed with collecting, holding onto.

The darkroom didn't quite hit the mark for me. Watching images appear under red light wasn't as satisfying as capturing hundreds of digital images , which I had deemed necessary. A form of holding onto something in transit. Like the sunlight spilling in through the trees. Or the way two people look at each other. Shared friendships before they fade or bloom.

Photographs are nostalgic, capturing things the way they once were. But it doesn't have to be melancholy. I've found peace looking through these images, finding self portraits in things that are not the physical body.

These [fragmented] collections are from an ocean of digital photographs.  An untangling. To be categorized, meditated on, re-worked, etc. The last decade +, in glimpses. 

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