I first met Paris in front of the Primavera at the Uffizi. She had traveled to Florence alone, her first time, to experience the city, the art, the primavera. I had traveled to the city with two peers, my first time, a train ride from the university. They were uninterested in art, so I went alone. We met in front of the Primavera, must have been there for a while--we were kicked out as the museum closed. The painting, it's quite large, at least 10 feet across. Easy to get lost in the detail. (someone's written a whole book just on the flower identification and their possible meanings.) I had just finished an extensive essay on it, the main paper for my ren class. Research can be so solitary [isolating]. I traveled to Florence to see two pieces of art, and met someone in front of one of them. She bought me dinner that night. We spent the rest of our brief time there together. 

Several years later I visited her city with my dad. She was starting nursing school. We met for risotto, and toured a fortified castle. 

On March 6, 2020 she messaged me [regarding my upcoming travel plans]:

"Stay safe erica, take care of your health, wash your hands often and don't stay near people with flu or fever. I wish I could say that it depends on where you are going, but by now the virus is spreading in every country. Anyway, you should not stay in crowded places. And again, wash your hands. 

If it's possible, cancel your trip, everyone should stay at home these days."

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