this project is named arrows + asterisks after the actions of reworking.  

the revisiting of a time, the meditation, the revisions. the drafts. 

born out of a need to organize and archive thousands of images. I'm hoping this space can serve both as a way to share (visual) stories with friends and help me think about my work in a more cohesive way.

Erica Fkiaras currently lives in New York's Hudson Valley with her partner, and their cat and dog. She studied art history and philosophy, and worked briefly as an assistant for a fine art restoration painter. Erica can often be found playing the Italian card game burraco [2s are wild]. She has a deep love for humanity--particularly chemistry that's hard to describe, however undeniable. Through a series of events she currently operates a small bookkeeping business where she empowers creative individuals to be successful in their self-employed journeys.

Boy Bitten by Lizard 

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

mid 1590s. detail.

[chosen profile picture for personal reasons]


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